Our state-of-the-art storage and cellar facilities at Simonsvlei enable us to provide a wide range of services to our valued clients.


  • Storage of bulk wine
  • Blending
  • Additions
  • Loading of bulk wine
  • Crossflow filtration
  • Custom Crush


  • Storage of packed/bonded wine
  • Loading and off-loading trucks
  • Loading of containers
  • Packing per order (Picking)
  • Dry goods storage
  • Forklift services


Our current storage and cellar facilities at Simonsvlei are of exceptional quality, enabling us to offer a comprehensive range of large-scale wine storage and warehouse services. These services are all overseen by our highly skilled Cellar Master, Helena Senekal.

Whether your wine requires blending, filtration or additions, our facility allows you to specify your preference. Additionally, our facility accommodates bulk filtration or crossflow filtration.

With our stringent cellar protocols and experienced cellar staff, you can have peace of mind knowing that your wines are well-cared for, whether they are in tanks, barrels, or finished bottles.

We recognize that wine is a living entity that benefits from blending, allowing it to become more than the sum of its parts.

For your convenience, we offer on-premises bottling and labeling services through our mobile bottling and labeling partners.

Private label wines are a growing trend in today’s competitive wine market, and we are here to help our clients make their mark.
We collaborate with retailers and importers worldwide to bring their private label plans to life.


Simonsvlei offers comprehensive warehousing services for bottled wine products, whether labeled or unlabeled, as well as other finished products approved by the customs commissioner.

Our wide range of services includes storage, order handling, container loading, and dedicated space for reprocessing.
This ensures that our clients’ products are entrusted to capable hands, ensuring their safety and traceability throughout the entire process.

For export, distribution, or future release, whether your wine is labeled, unlabeled, or dry goods, you can have confidence in the security of your products at our bonded storage facility located near the airport and harbour.

Bonded warehouses are commonly utilized by importers and exporters to streamline supply chain management.
A bonded warehouse is a facility designed for storing goods that are being imported into a new market.
Goods stored in bonded warehouses are exempt from customs duties until they are ready to be delivered to their final destination.

Using bonded warehouses allows goods to be positioned closer to their ultimate destination, with the payment of duties postponed until the products are moved.