Gather ’round, my friends, for I shall spin you a tale of a vineyard that traces its lineage back to the pioneers of the Cape, a place where the spirit of innovation, integrity, and independence has flowed like fine wine for over three centuries.

In the wake of the Second World War, a group of visionary wine farmers, their hearts tethered to the winemaking traditions introduced by the Huguenot families, embarked on a daring quest. United in purpose, they set out to provide their fellow farmers with the means to produce wines of quality on a grand and sustainable scale. Their collective effort gave birth to Simonsvlei in the year 1945.

But why “Simonsvlei,” you may ask? Well, dear readers, this name pays homage to none other than Simon van der Stel, the founding father of the South African wine industry, and the vlei, or wetlands, that graced the surrounding landscape.

Picture it,
if you will…

… a 17th-century Simon van der Stel, the Cape’s Governor on behalf of the Dutch government, selecting this very spot with a discerning eye.

He saw in it the potential for greatness, thanks to its cool microclimate, perfectly suited for nurturing the finest grapevines.

And let us not forget the prevailing winds, whispered by the vlei, which naturally cooled the cellars and the wines in their barrels, creating a haven for crafting wines of unparalleled excellence.

THAT is where Simonsvlei Wines began…

Yet, our story doesn’t end here…

There is another hero to be celebrated…
Oom Sarel, a legendary figure who left an indelible mark on Simonsvlei.

Under his watchful guidance, winemaking at the estate evolved and flourished, setting a solid foundation for the winery’s promising future.

But it was Sonny le Roux, one of the co-founders, who etched Simonsvlei’s motto in stone: “quality wines at affordable prices.”
my friends,
this dedication has borne fruit in the form of innovative, high-quality wines that have become the very essence of Simonsvlei.

So, the next time you raise your glass to toast the fruits of the vine,
remember the tale of Simonsvlei,
where history, heritage, and the love for exceptional winemaking
converge in a timeless story of perseverance and passion.