Simonsvlei's grapes are sourced from the region's diverse terroir, resulting incomplex wines layered with varietal characteristics.


Soils vary from shale to clay and average production yields around 8 – 10 tons per hectare. The Mediterranean climate of the region, with cold/wet winters and hot/dry summers, results in berries with abundant fruit flavours and high sugar levels at harvest time.

Simonsvlei's total production consists of about 9 000 metric tons of grapes delivered by 36 wine farms. Hectares under vine are approximately 1 000 and the main grape varietals are: Cabernet Sauvignon (184ha); Shiraz (115ha); Chenin Blanc (413ha) and Chardonnay (100ha).


Another cultivar that enjoys prominence in Simonsvlei's portfolio is the only true South African grape varietal, Pinotage, which is mostly grown as bush vines. In the cooler parts of the valley, the grapes tend to have more floral flavours, whilst the Pinotage planted in the warmer areas display prominent berry or plum aromas. Other red cultivars include the noble grape varietal Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot, the classic blending partner for Cabernet.


The region's soil and climate are also favourable for the production of quality white grapes. Simonsvlei is well known for its high quality Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay wines. The Sauvignon Blanc vineyards perform better in the cooler parts of the region and are planted mostly in the Klipheuwel and Durbanville area. In the latter region, the grapes benefit greatly from the cooling breezes that blow in from the nearby cold Atlantic Ocean.

Sauvignon Blanc planted in the Klipheuwel and Durbanville areas display a vegetative/herbaceous character, rather than the more common gooseberry flavours. Simonsvlei is one of only five South African cellars still making wine from the underrated Bukettraube grape. This varietal is known for its floral aromas and distinctive Muscat bouquet.


Another quality producer for Simonsvlei is Paul Roux of De Hoop. Simon van der Stel allocated this historic farm to the French Huguenot, Jacob de Villiers, in 1692. Today, Paul Roux (Senior) is the fourth generation Roux farming on De Hoop.


It is due to farmers like Paul Roux and Jaco de Villiers that our customers can be sure that Simonsvlei maintains its “integrity in the bottle” philosophy! The wine farms that deliver grapes for Simonsvlei, share in the winery’s objective of adding value to its products and to conduct oenological practices in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. All are firmly committed to establishing Simonsvlei as a key role player in the international wine industry.